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A group with commitment

In Chaco, Formosa and Buenos Aires

From Argentina to the world

UNITAN is an industry leader in volume, product line and quality. Its production capacity of 40,000 tons allows it to export to more than fifty countries. In its two factories located in the provinces of Chaco and Formosa, a human group of six hundred people sustains this leadership daily, and has achieved the ISO 9001-2015, BPM-HAACP, PEFC and soon GMP+ certifications, endorsing the commitment of our management and ensuring quality and full assistance to our customers.

More than one hundred years of presence in international markets can only be achieved by ensuring the best results. UNITAN is constantly working to expand its product range and improve its performance. Its technicians and laboratories provide advice and specialized support for each application.

The sustainable use of raw materials with distinctive characteristics, many of which are exclusive to our region, gives our products a series of unique features.


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