Vegetable Tanning



The Quebracho Colorado extracts and its derivates are worldwide known since 1900's as natural products that allow tanners to produce a wide variety of tanned leather with a natural feel and a beautiful look.

Unitán, with its two factories ISO 9001-2015 certified, has the world's bestselling vegetable extract product line. Our vegetable extracts are environmentally- friendly and give our customers the best choice for their leather production in a natural way.

1. Wet Brown-Unitan - Storage for three months
2. Sole Leather - Drum Tanning System
3. Vacceta Vegetal Tanning (Double croupon and Head)
4. Metal Free Shoe Upper - Vegetal Tanning (UNIQUE CHD)
5. Metal Free Shoe Upper & leather goods with good lightfastness (UNITAN TM)
6. Wet-blue Shoe Upper Heavy Vegetable Retanning (UNIQUE CHD)
7. Wet-blue Shoe Upper “Timberland” (UNIQUE CHD / UNIQUE CHA)
8. Leather Belt from wet-blue (UNITAN ATO / UNITAN ATS or ATD)


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