Floatan Line


UNITAN developed the FLOATAN extracts for applications in the mining industry.
Due to their special characteristic and the low specific consumption of modifiers, they represent a friendly alternative towards the environment in order to improve flotation results.

FLOATAN are especially indicated for the flotation of sulphide with the occurrence of argillaceous gangues and in separations of complex sulphide ore, besides the traditional applications as carbonates depressor in non-metallic minerals.

Special Features:

Our FLOATAN products behave very well in deposits with proven argillic alteration and when working with very fine clay or very fractured minerals with the presence of alteration. Normally in these cases, it has a good performance adding doses of 50 to 100 g / ton in the rougher of a mixture in a 1: 1 ratio of FLOATAN M3 and FLOATAN T5.

FLOATAN reagents are modified natural extracts. They are more specific and soluble depressors than other modifier, mainly in cold water.

FLOATAN T1: is formulated for the depression of of mineral carbonate and silicate gangues.

FLOATAN T5: is suitable for the flotation of sulphides in pyrites and pyrrhotite depression.

FLOATAN M3: is a depressant and dispersant reagent used in metallic and non-metallic mineral flotation.

  • Pyrite depression FeS2
  • Copper-Molybdenum Separation (Cu-Mo)
  • Fluorite flotation CaF2
  • Lead-Zinc separation (Pb-Zn)
  • Sulfurized minerals with arcilliary gangues
  • Improvements in copper-gold recovery (Cu-Au)
  • Direct potassium flotation
  • Hematite reverse flotation
  • Graphite-Talc system
  • Magnesium-Calcium oxides flotation (Mg-Ca)
  • Dispersants


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