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MGM Properties

UNITAN has developed together with renowned local and international institutes a line of highly effective supplements for feeding ruminants, pigs and poultry. This line of all-natural tannins is made from a balanced blend of several species in which the Quebracho Colorado predominates. They are treated by physical methods, without the use of chemical compounds. The use of these natural polyphenols has been approved by the relevant health authorities.


MGM is a completely natural polyphenol (catechin + physetidinol) obtained by aqueous extraction and spray drying of Quebracho Colorado chips. It has excellent properties for the production of feed for ruminants, poultry, piglets and pigs. The best known are its ability to precipitate proteins and its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.


  • Improves the environment, the animal welfare and the livestock performance.
  • Helps to replace the use of antibiotics.
  • Improves conservation of the fee.

Main benefits for ruminants:

  • Protein precipitating agent
  • Increases protein bypass
  • Prevents acidosis by delaying ruminal fermentation
  • Lower ruminal methane production
  • Antibloating.
  • Antidiarrheal.
  • Natural worm prevention
  • Bactericidal of natural origin.
  • Fungistatic of natural origin
  • Natural mycotoxin adsorbent
  • Natural antioxidant. Improves meat quality
  • Improves fertility rate
  • + meat + milk + calves

Main benefits for monogastrics (poultry and swine):

  • Bacteriostatic effect
  • Anti-fungal effect
  • Antioxidant activity. Improves meat quality
  • Reduces pH like, improves beneficial bacteria
  • Promotes the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria
  • Inhibits gram + & gram - bacteria
  • Better FCR
  • Astringent: stops diarrhea and slows peristaltic activity
  • Ideal replacement for zinc oxide
  • Better environement, drier feces
  • Reduces mortality rate


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