Woodboard Additives

MDF fibreboard and plywood
Features of the


This line was specially formulated additive for industry MDF fibreboard, plywood and particle board (fuels), the line is used as a replacement colate systems urea-formaldehyde and phenol-formaldehyde, or as additives to achieve specific outcomes such as:


This product reduces the emission of formaldehyde, complying with international standards for boards E1. It is a polyphenol derived from vegetable origin, obtained by extraction of Quebracho Colorado (Schinopsis Lorentzii). It is used as an additive in the production PB boards Plywood, OSB and / or MDF fibreboards.

Notable advantages:

  • It is used in addition to the UF and UMF resins to reduce formaldehyde emissions from MDF, PB, OSB, Plywood and any use involving UF and UMF resins.
  • Allows use E2 type resins and E1 results in such products.
  • Highly meets CARB standards for chamber measured emissions.


It is a product obtained by physicochemical treatments on natural substances extracted from the Quebracho Colorado tree and has been specifically developed as a cure accelerator additive for water-based phenolic resins.

Notable advantages:

  • It is a naturally occurring polyphenol in combination with phenol and formaldehyde synthetic resin curing speed without the need to use caustic soda or switches based on phenol-ketone resins. As the main benefit you get a rapid cure and no emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Colate GTH for his character makes formaldehyde scavenger of formaldehyde emissions decrease to minimum values.
  • Due to its presentation in soluble powder, has the advantage of an unlimited life and can be used to manufacture all types of particleboard, MDF, OSB, plywood and WBP plywood.


Replacing synthetic phenol in PF resins.

Notable advantages:

  • It is used as a replacement for phenol in PF resins developing improving reaction times of the finished resin.
  • Decreases press time, improves productivity.
  • eliminates the use of additives like polymers Formaldehyde / Ketone / NaOH.


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