Unipro Line


The UNIPRO line for the sugar industry has been developed in response to the need to improve the process of clarifying cane juice.

UNIPRO PLUS and UNIPRO AZ offer a very wide range of advantages in the clarification and evaporation process with a significant increase in process productivity, reduction of chemicals and improvement in production costs. This improves the quality of the sugar produced and increases the recovery of sugar from losses.

UNIPRO BIO and UNIPRO BIO PLUS add to the benefits of the UNIPRO line other biocidal properties. They increase the action properties on yeasts, lactic acid bacteria, polysaccharide producing bacteria and enterobacteria, reducing the load of microorganisms that alter the final quality of the sugar.

UNIPRO AZ can be defined as coadyuvant of the clarification process of the sugar cane juice which allows, among other things, the reduction in the consumption of chemicals, among these, it is possible to reduce drastically the use of sulfur, resulting many advantages such as:

  • Reduction of environmental pollutants.
  • Reduction of incrustations in preheaters and evaporators
  • Increased capacity of evaporation
  • Reduction of sulfur content in the produced sugar and alcohol.

Other important benefits of using UNIPRO AZ are:

  • Being a totally natural and organic product, made from natural extracts, does not give to the tipical waste of the process any characteristics that require special treatment for disposal and it is eliminated completely with the cachaza.
  • Significantly reduces the costs of raw materials that are commonly used, and the costs and time of cleaning of the evaporators boxes.
  • Only requires a pump and, because it is a liquid product that is ready to use, does not need special facilities for their application and the doses used are low, which is ideal for large volumes of juice processed in this industry.


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