Leather Line

Vegetable Tanning


It is an organic and inorganic filler for sole vegetal leather.

A white powder with a characteristic smell, with a pH (1:10, 20ºC) range of 7.5 a 8.8, and completely soluble in water.

It's a balance compound, specially formulated for fullness of vegetal italian sole leather. Generally it is used during the blashing process before fatliquor. Increases the weight of the leather and reduces the oxidation effect during the drying process.

It's recommended to use in sole leather 2 – 4% from shaved weight according of the final product required.


Formol free, fenol free and acid acrylic free product.

It is a white-yellowish and fine powder and anionic, with a pH range of 4.0-5.5 and a concentration of 87-89 %.

UNISYN EKO is an ecological product with a high molecular weight. Can be used in all of kind of leather, it´s combined with the leather fiber to obtain a even and selective fullness effect. It is recommended to use in the retanning of wet blue leather (3% to 6%), also to obtain white leather with a high xenotest value and in waterproof leather.

Suitable with other retanning agents (acrylic and aminoplastic resins).

It is recommended to dilute in hot water 1:10.

Storage: Stable in normal conditions of storage (20º. C) protect from sunshine, light, humidity and air.


Blend of blashing and secuestrant agents.

UNICLAR is used in the blashing process of all king of vegetal and chrome leather.

In vegetal leather, it is used to remove the spot of oxidation (iron) and to obtain a light colour.

In chrome leather, it is used to reduce the tanning excess in surface, also the iron spot from shaving process.

Analytical values:
Colour: white
Solid: 70%-
pH: 1.5+/-0.3
Solubility: total


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