derived from quebracho polyphenols
Claythin & Unithin

Ceramic & Drilling Fluids Additives


CLAYTHIN Is a defloculant for use in many raw materials and bodies. It is also effective in glaze and for nearly any type of casting slip tableware, sanitary ware, vitrous china, technical porcelain and porcelain. A specially important feature of CLAYTHIN is that the deflocculation interval is such that the natural variations of the raw materials can be balanced to a great extent.
Benefits and applications:

  • The dry modulus of rupture is increased in most cases.
  • Thixotropy effects and hence casting spots can be eliminated to a great extent.
  • Increased solids content in slips for spray drying.
  • The optimal addition ranges from 0,1 to 0,5% on dry weight.
  • The addition required for glazes lies between 0,1 to 0,25 kg per ton of liquid.


UNITHIN is a quebracho tannin-based deflocculant that controls the rheology of water-based drilling fluids and is very effective at low concentrations. Muds in which it can be applied include, low solids, semi-dispersed, inhibited with potassium chloride, lime, gypsum or to supplement lignosulfonate, lignite or in deep, high temperature wells or as a cement washing pill.

Benefits and applications:

  • Soluble in systems of high-salinity, high-hardness and at any pH.
  • Maximum defloculation at low concentrations.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Several times more effective than CF lignosulfonates.
  • Temperature tolerance above 300ºF (150ºC).
  • Alkaline product, no caustic needed to be activated.

Handling: for specific instructions refer to MSDS information.
Packaging: palletized 25 kg. bags


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