Tannins and wine

All the vegetables contain more or less important quantities of tannins, these represent in general the principal part of the total extract. The industrial tannins are extracted from a great number of vegetable species and take the woody parts of the fruits as an origin, or the barks and / or heart of the tree. In enology, the tannins are elaborated in agreement by the specifications that the regulatory institutes of the wine activity that every country establishes. These enologic tannins are used for the clarification of the wines and also to improve his gustatory characters after culturing of some months in vat. At present these preparations represent an important role in the industry of enologics products and of the wine activities. Tannins aware gustatory specific characteristics regrouped under the term of astringency: the sensation caused in the tongue for the formation of complexes between the tannins and the glicoproteins of the saliva.

Quebracho tannins form complexes with the proteins, taking part in the protection of the fabrics with regard to the microbiological aggressions. In addition it has to be able antirradicalary and aptitude to consume the dissolved oxygen.

The quality of the enologics tannins is given by his richness in total polyphenols but also by the point of his active principles, that is to say in the specific characteristics of our product. Thanks to a blend of selected wood, Unitán has managed to extract the tannins adapted to award the properties before mentioned.

The gustatory properties of the enologics tannins represent one of his principal characteristics. Every variety of enologic tannin awards to the wines gustatory different characteristics with the common denominator of the astringency according to the nature of the tannin. This one is one of the organoleptic properties more important of tannins, since it is the one that contributes the character to the wines, defining his aptitude for accompanying different types of meals.

French wine cellar keepers speak:
"Le vin rouge met en evidence les vertus des castes nobles, et avec des tanins puissants se combinent bien le bois et le fruit."
Red wines evidence good vintages where powerful tannins combine adequately the fruit and the wood.

"La tradition exige de la qualité. Et la qualité, de bons tanins."
Tradition requires quality and quality requires good tannins.

"La force et la personnalité des vins se font de bons tanins."
The strength and personality of good wines are based on good tannins.