Animal Feed


MGM-S is an additive for ruminants that dosed in the feed allows improved weight conversion . Dairy farms and feed-lots in many countries obtain results in the order of:

- Total daily weight gain of animals : between 3 and 5%
- Increase in milk production : 1 litre of milk per head per day
- Increase in the percentage of milk fat and milk protein : between 2 and 4%

At the same time a reduction of gas generation in the treated animals dramatically reduces the danger of bloating. This contributes to controlling the greenhouse effect caused by the emission of methane generated by livestock. Considering that in Argentinacattle currently produces about 30% of the total emission of gases generated , this effect can bring a significant reduction .

It allows to significantly improve the absorption of nutrients and food conversion of poultry. It also acts as a bactericide, improving the intestinal integrity of animals.

UNITAN offers technical advice on the best way to use this additive in different applications.