UNITAN is synonymous of vegetable tannins. This versatile natural compound extracted from the heartwood of Quebracho Colorado tree is present in all products:

• Vegetable tanning extracts
• Dispersants
• Additives for woodboards and cardboards
• Enological tannins
• Animal feed
• Mineral flotation
• Pellets
• Tannins for the sugar industry
   A committed group of people working towards quality.

  The continuous research in new applications.

  An efficient worldwide agent network.

  The sustainable use of the Quebracho tree.
Our environmental policy has the following goals:
- Develop industrial procedures that improve our environmental performance and prevent all kind of pollution.
- Fulfill with the environmental laws in force.
- Formulate and manufacture our products in a secure way for all the staff of the company, carriers, contractors, citizens and clients.
- To support environmental regional projects like the La Fidelidad National Park in the Chaco Province
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